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The foundation for high-quality voice recording is sophisticated technology. When the voice and technology are in harmony with each other, the ideal tone quality is achieved. My own recording studio consists of a roomy Studiobox Pro voice-over booth, with 5m² of interior space. This guarantees a very good room sound, as smaller spaces often sound very “clean” or “dead”. The studio is also equipped with a Neumann TLM 102 microphone, an SPL Track One preamplifier and a Focusrite 2i4 interface. Together a highly experienced sound engineer, I tested different microphones by sending test recordings to various studios, of course, without mentioning what each type of microphone was 😉. And lo and behold: 5 out of 5 professional sound engineers shared our opinion: From the very beginning, our favourite among the microphones was the Neumann TLM 102 and all of the student engineers felt the same! It offers the best fit to my voice. We are a happy and harmonious dream team, especially with the addition of the highly reliable Track ONE preamplifier from SPL.



  • Studiobox Professional Interior 2 x 3 m
  • Neumann TLM 102 Microphone & Aston Origin Mic
  • Rycote Invision popfilter
  • Preamplifier SPL Track One
  • Audiointerface Focusrite Scarlett 2i4
  • Software Logic Pro X, Pro Tools LE
  • Sessionlink Pro Chrome IP Connection Account


  • Short-term delivery by arrangement
  • Voice recording to video
  • Free session link for live recordings
  • Script consultation on request
  • Live telephone direction during recording
  • Direction via Skype video call
  • Conference call with up to 4 participants
  • From small amounts of post-production to complete external sound design
  • Fast delivery via wetransfer
  • Or Dropbox link with 6-month availability

Audio sample from my studio

My services

Delivery time and prices

On request, I can usually deliver voice recordings, in the desired file format, within a few hours.
It does not matter what stage your project is at. Voice recording to video is also possible, as taking direction via telephone, Skype or Session link Pro. The latter also allows conference call connections with several participants (also as a video call).

Studio hire prices vary somewhat. The usual hourly rate is 75.00 €.


I deliver voice recordings including small post production services, which means i will edit for you all slips of the tongue and loud breathings. My service is without any further equilization, mixing or sounddesign, you will receive raw audiofiles in your desired format. Of course i can manage on request a complete sounddesign, please just let me know before i start with my recording.

How to book me

If you are looking for a voice recording for your corporate film, eLearning project or telephone system, please send me the script and, if appropriate, the video, via email. The script does not yet have to be the final, edited version, as it initially serves only for me to see the scope and content of the project. In this phase, you should also consider what the intended usage of voice recording will be. That is to say, in which media, for what purpose and for how long should the voice recording be used? This may also affect the price.

In the second step, you will receive a written quotation from me, listing all services to be provided and conditions. If required, I can also deliver with very short turnarounds. Also, I can always find a gap in my “daily business” for smaller projects 😉
If you agree to my quote, I request your written confirmation, we then discuss the delivery time and the payment method and off we go!


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