In my recording studio, as well as producing voice-overs, I also produce corporate videos, write scripts and develop concepts for promotional films. Depending on the requirements of the project, I can assemble the entire film and postproduction team. For the Swiss International School Germany, I managed the entire production of their corporate video: from production preparation to production management, as well as directing and overseeing completion of the final version of the film.

“The essence of all movement is its drive.”

In this project for the international truck market, I had the task of creating a script that comprehensively presented the competitive advantages of the Mercedes-Benz Powertrain drive concept. I developed a slogan as the basic idea: “The drive is the essence of all movement.” The founding myth of the brand was represented visually in a documentary style.
The project was intended exclusively for the international market. The script was translated externally from German into English and, in the final step, the voice-over was provided by an English native speaker.

On the evolution towards electric cars

My job was to create a concept for this film, which allows for some spectacular images. Apart from a person plugging a power cable into a charging station and a 3D animation illustrating purely technical operations, what visual content could the video possibly have?

The idea of ​​evolution in the animal and plant world, which describes the changes and adaptations needed for the development of life, introduced the subject of electric cars. This set the scene for several playful sequences showing fascinating aspects of the natural world and the wonders of the earth.

All in one

The Swiss International School has a total of six locations in Germany. For videos about four of their schools, I developed the concept, managed production and postproduction in the editing suite, as well as directed the film shoot.

As the bilingual teaching concept is the central theme of these private schools, the videos are available in two language versions, German and English. Each film shows various lively and concentrated learning situations, across all age groups, as well as the most important rooms in the schools, all within 2 minutes.