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Voice-over booking


If you are looking for a voice recording for your corporate film, eLearning project or telephone system, please send me the script and, if appropriate, the video, via email. The script does not yet have to be the final, edited version, as it initially serves only for me to see the scope and content of the project. In this phase, you should also consider what the intended usage of voice recording will be. That is to say, in which media, for what purpose and for how long should the voice recording be used? This may also affect the price.

In the second step, you will receive a written quotation from me, listing all services to be provided and conditions. If required, I can also deliver with very short turnarounds. Also, I can always find a gap in my “daily business” for smaller projects 😉
If you agree to my quote, I request your written confirmation, we then discuss the delivery time and the payment method and off we go!

Do corrections cost extra?


Does a correction after delivery incur an extra cost? Nobody’s perfect 😉. Mistakes happen. Even when great care is taken. Who hasn’t made a mistake sometime?! However, I do distinguish between a correction and a change.
I usually spot grammatical or content errors during the preparation phase, so that any necessary corrections can be made prior to recording. I will either simply point out the errors or deliver alternatives. This way, we will either find a solution together or you can rework the script. As a rule, the time spent on processing the script is less than 15 minutes. If you want to change the script or parts of it after the delivery of my voice recordings, then that is considered as being a change. In that instance, it is all about how much has changed. I do not usually charge for individual sentences, however extensive changes will be invoiced for.

delivery times and prices

On request, I can usually deliver voice recordings, in the desired file format, within a few hours.
It does not matter what stage your project is at. Voice recording to video is also possible, as taking direction via telephone, Skype or Session link Pro. The latter also allows conference call connections with several participants (also as a video call).

Studio hire prices vary somewhat. The usual hourly rate is 75.00€. You can download my voice-over price list as a PDF file here:

VDS/GDS Sprecherhonorare_01/2017

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